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Our Products

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Vista Therm Double Glazed Units

VistaTherm Insulated Glass for Commercial & Domestic Applications For over 40 years VistaTherm has been the best known sealed unit in the market, outperforming the competition in terms of thermal performance, reducing heat transfer rates and improving condensation resistance. The manufacturers of VistaTherm are committed to using the most advanced insulation technologies for their glass. The adoption of insulating glass in a broad range of residential and commercial glazing applications has produced dramatic energy savings, as well as improved aesthetics and comfort. Insulating glass customers benefit from comprehensive Insulating Glass Engineering which has evaluated the cost, insulating properties, deflection and stress characteristics of insulated units for a wide range of unit designs, dimensions, exposure conditions, etc. Specify VistaTherm - we don’t compromise, neither should you...

Double Glazing

Crinken Glass use "Vista Therm" who manufacture Insulated Units to the highest standards (BS 6206, BS 5713, ISO EN 9002). We supply a wide range on Insulated Units including Safety, Georgian, Leaded, Stained, Low Emissitivity, Solar Controlled etc. 1. Primary Seal (Butyle Sealant) 2. Secondary Seal (Polysulphite Seal) 3. Dessicant (Extracts all moisture) 4. Glass (Wide range of glass with various properties) 5. Spacer Bar (Available in different colours) Safety Units: Common applications are Doors, Low Level Glazing, Conservatories and all high risk areas as specified by BS 6180 and BS 6262. Low Emissitivity: By replacing the inner pane in an Insulated Unit with Low Emissitivity glass (such as Pilkington K and Interpane iplus) substained heat gain can be achieved. "K" Glass reflects heat back into room thereby reducing heating costs.

Elite Double Glazed Units

VistaTherm Elite® and VistaTherm Nobel® High performance insulating glass up to 136% better than standard double glazing Thermal efficiency for your home - eliminate heat loss during cool months - eliminate heat gain during warm months - help cut your energy costs/fuel bills - make your home more comfortable - eliminate uncomfortable cold spots close to windows The latest and most revolutionary development in low emissivity glass, offers superior thermal performance and light transmission. The latest innovation in insulated glass Greater comfort and lower energy costs for your home Vista Therm is pleased to introduce its latest innovation in insulated glass units: - VistaTherm Elite® offering a U-Value as low as 1.1 - VistaTherm Nobel® with U-Value of 1.3. Additional benefits - high light transmission and optimal clarity - guaranteed precision of glazing unit calibration during manufacture - the cavity of the sealed glazing unit is de-mineralised to maintain the integrity of the sealed unit long term - high flexibility in terms of unit dimensions and types of glass available - unique safety edges for ease of handling - glass can be toughened for safety and greater security New and replacement windows Changes in government building regulations, Document L, aim to improve the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of Irish homes and buildings. Virtually all new and replacement windows, doors, rooflights and conservatories installed will need to have a maximum u-value of 2.2, a performance that can only be achieved using low emissivity glass. With VistaTherm Elite® and VistaTherm Nobel® insulated glass units you can exceed these requirements - u-value of 1.1W/m 2K and 1.3W/m 2K How do Vistatherm Elite & Nobel work Thanks to this special energy saving coating the flow of heat from fires and radiators stays inside the home during cold weather, heat which ordinary double glazing allows to escape. Heat from the sun stays outside in hot weather, resulting in greater comfort and lower energy costs, while still allowing light to pass through.

Double Glazed Front Door

This is a close up of the front door enterance to a local apartment block that has been glazed with Clear Toughened Double Glazed Unit

Apartments with Double Glazing

Here we have a loacal block of apartments that has a glazed front enterance using Toughened Clear Double Glazed Units.

Elite Glazing

Here we have 24mm Clear "Elite" Double Glazing that have been fitted in Teak frame windows "Elite" Units have a better thermal efficiency than standard double glazing which ultimatley aid in reducing heating costs